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3D Concrete Printing

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3D concrete printing (3DCP) is a new and exciting technology that may change the concrete production. Several interesting R&D projects on 3DCP is currently ongoing in universities, research institutes and companies in the Nordic countries.

Betongföreningen (The Swedish Concrete Association) is organizing a webinar on 3DCP in order to disseminate knowledge about this technology. The webinar is also a part of the Nordic co-operation inside the Nordic Concrete Federation which board has decided to start a series of webinars on various hot topics. 


  • Welcoming address, Johan Silfwerbrand KTH, SE
  • N3XTCON, Focusing on material development for 3DCPThomas Juul Andersen, Teknologisk Institut, DK , 
  • Towards the Application of Meso-structures in 3DCP, Helena Westerlind, KTH, SE
  • Design for 3D Concrete Printing, José Hernandez Vargas KTH, SE
  • Numerical simulation of 3D concrete printing, Jon Sprangenberg DTU, DK
  • Computational Design Strategies for Structural 3D Printed Architecture, Roberto Naboni University of Southern Denmark, DK
  • Structural optimization of concrete structures using 3D printing, Henry Unterreiner, Hyperion Robitics, FI
  • Installation of reinforcement in 3-D printed concrete structures, Gregor Fischer, DTU, DK
  • Implementing 3DCP in the Norwegian construction industry, Ole-Bjorn Moe Mechatronics Innovation Lab, Grimstad, NO
  • RISE, SE Industrial applications of 3DCP – materials, printing technology and product development, Jan Suchorzewski
  • Closing, Johan Silfwerbrand, KTH, SE

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